Our Partnership

CU Savers is a partner of GTE Financial, one of the nation’s leading credit unions located right in heart of Tampa.

Your $10 CU Savers membership fee entitles you to become a member of GTE and take full advantage of all their financial products and services.

Unlike doing business with a big bank, being part of a credit union like GTE Financial often means you get lower rates, pay fewer fees, and get tons of free benefits like retailer discounts and computer check-ups. Plus, you’ll get all the banking technology you expect so you can manage your money and accounts when you’re on-the-go or even just sitting comfortably at home!

GTE Financial Offers All CU Savers Members:

  • Checking services with Online and Mobile Banking
  • Home, Auto & Personal Loans at great rates
  • Accounts especially for Kids & Students
  • Business Accounts & Services
  • Insurance & Investment Services
  • Competitive Rate Credit Cards & More!

More About GTE Financial