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CUSavers is a non-profit club sponsored by GTE Financial to promote the advancement of financial literacy. Individuals interested in receiving educational benefits are granted CUSavers Club membership upon completion of an application and payment of a $10 one-time non-refundable fee. Club membership is lifetime!

As a key added benefit, CUSavers is one of GTE Financial’s Community Partners, so once you join, you are also eligible for GTE Financial membership.


Members of the CUSavers Club share in the desire of GTE Financial to reach common financial goals.

These goals are to:

Enhance financial foundations around savings, checking and credit.

Build financial capability by better understanding budgeting, credit, and debt management.

Invest in your future through estate planning, investments, and homeownership.

Ensure youth and students are better prepared for a bright financial future.

Free access to financial resources online
Free access to financial education seminars

Club Benefits

To view content sponsored by GTE Financial, visit and click Education.

CUSavers Sponsored by GTE Financial

711 East Henderson Ave. Tampa, FL 33602

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